Single Digital Video

Sound, Colour, loop



       The work is revised to discuss the relationship between my university and me. I studied Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong of three years and graduated this year. My university, to which I have grown a strong sense of belonging, has a great impact on my life. I projected the activities of my room to the public space of the university in real time. The reason of choosing my room of the student apartment in university is that I reckon it as the most private place and I spent most of the time there. And I projected the view of my room on the wall of the University library as it can represent the university, in a more academic sense. I recorded about 3 minutes of the real time projection. However, this is not delicate enough and the presentation of the work lacks subtlety. The choice of location, the size of images can be improved, as they are not enough to present my idea.

49 thoughts on “Spacing

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