‘In & Out’ Project ‘


by Law Ho Man

‘In & Out’ Project ‘ is a project about subversive of space, discussing the boundary of indoor and outdoor, private and public spacing.

This project is inspired by the concept of pinhole camera. I cover the whole room with black fabric and cut a little hole on it. When the light sheds inside the room, the image of the outdoor environment is projected into the room, turned upside down. We can observe people from outdoor walking on the ceiling of the room. However, the limitation of this work is that there are too many objects in the room. It’s difficult to see the projected outdoor image. Moreover, this is only a practice of a physical theory, more revisions should be done.


Digital image, mixed media

Time variable


This work is a subversie of pinhole camera. The original concept is to put the outdoor image into indoor. However, this time is the opposite from indoor to outdoor. Projector is used to project the activities of an indoor on a wall of a building in real time. On the street, people can see what activities people are engaging in the building. The environment of the outdoor becomes a pinhole camera. However, the locations of projection and indoor should be revised carefully in order to strengthen the desirability of the work. The relationship between indoor and outdoor, privacy and public space can be thoroughly discussed.

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