Digital Video in real time, a CUHK journal in 1973

Sound, Colour, loop
35×44 cm, time variable


This is the final work of the project. I keep contemplating about what my university is, what is inside the library of university. Then, I found a book about the history of the university, something far away from me, something official. The book is a newsletter of the university published in the 1970s, when the university was just founded at that time. It is in handwritten form and it recorded every single details of the university at that time. For example, which staff member was having a vacation or which professor is sick. This kind of newsletter has not been published ever. I project the image of my room on the newsletter. It is also in real time in order to evoke and strengthen the sense of ‘reality’ as the matters happened in real time are out of our control in some ways. The newsletter represents the history of the university and next to it is the activity of a student’s room, which is happening ‘now’. The past and present, the great university and the little student form a strong contrast. The camera in my room is focusing the images under the table as to create a feeling of being peeped, or an invasion of privacy. The live video describes different the perspectives towards the school from a student and from the authority

54 thoughts on “Overlapping

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