Time Traveling

Time travelling

A set of photo and documents


exhibited at ‘Full Stop’, Final show of Pilotenkueche International Artist Residency

         This project is documentation of my time journey to my mother’s childhood. I collect my mother’s childhood photo and documents, as I am curious about her past, before she gave birth to me. I replace her face with my face in the photo and changing her name to my name in her documents by Photoshop. This faking of history creates a new identity for me and a journey to my mother’s childhood. There is a caption showing the information of each photo, for example, the place, date and names of people involved, which provided by my mother.

Moreover, I exhibited the photos and documents in a glass box, trying to imitate the exhibition form of a historical museum, in order to convince the audience that the history is real. But at the same time, the title of the work ‘ Time Travelling’ shows a hint to the audience that the photos maybe fake. This exhibition form confuses the audience and arouses their curious. I, the artist become an object of the exhibition.